What Kind Of Workout Best Suits You?

I envy those people who can’t wait to get to the gym. For me, and I’m sure many people reading this article, the whole ordeal is a struggle. I know I’ll feel good afterwards, but motivating myself to get changed, get to the gym, and then actually work out is a challenge.

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula for making you love going to the gym. If there were, the world would be full of super models and body builders. But, there are ways to help get you pumped. One way to make going to the gym more tolerable is to actually know what it is you are aiming for and how to get it. That way, rather than just aimlessly wandering between the machines and the weights without a plan, you have a clear goal and you know how to achieve it.

You don’t need to be a personal trainer to understand that certain types of workout target different parts of your body. So, whether you want to get ripped like the Rock or you want a Beyonce booty, it is important to know what kind of workout is going to get you there.

You Want to Get Ripped

Getting ripped means using as many different muscle groups as you can at the same time. Forget about the bicep curls and crunches for now. Squats, barbell rollouts, tricep dips, and chin-ups are going to be your new best friends. Try and mix up your routine as much as possible so you are constantly working different muscle groups. Work through the pain and you’ll see a big difference.

You Want a Better Fitness Level

One of the best ways to get your overall fitness level up is to do around 75 minutes of endurance training per week. This could include running, aerobics classes or swimming. To compliment your aerobic workout, try and include some short bursts of high intensity interval training (HIIT).

You Want to Burn Fat

So maybe you want to shed a few pounds after gorging on chocolate over Christmas. We completely understand. If you want your jeans a little looser then burpees should be your first port of call. We all hate burpees but the fact that they hurt so much mean they are working. Mountain climbers and jumping squats will also help you burn through your unwanted fat.

You Want to Be More Flexible

If you want to be more flexible then you need to stretch, stretch and then stretch some more. Get your muscles warmed up with some cardio and then hit the mats and get stretching. You should stretch until you feel it but not so much that it really hurts. If it causes you more than mild pain then you are over-stretching and damaging yourself. Hold your stretches for at least ten seconds.

You Want a Big Booty

Big booties are all the rage at the moment, which is bad news for people who have naturally flat butts. But, even the flattest of bums can join in with the trend if they do the right workouts. Squats are a good place to start, especially if you squeeze your butt as you come up. Hip extensions and lunges are also helpful and will activate your glute muscles.


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