The Ultimate Bucket List for Strong Women

Every woman is a strong woman. She might not have a high-powered job or a killer body but she is strong – in fact she is so much stronger than she gives herself credit for. Nowadays, we are fed images and ideas of what constitutes a strong woman. We aspire to be like the CEOs and top lawyers who are saving the world and making a bundle of cash while they’re at it. These women are incredible, there’s no two ways about it – but so are you.

You are a strong and powerful woman just by default of being alive right now. It is a turbulent time for women as we surge forward socially and economically, and any woman that makes it to the next day is doing a great job. However, if you really want to ramp it up a notch there are some things you can do to really feel like you are in the driver’s seat of your own life. Here is your strong and powerful woman’s bucket list.

Say No to Something

Many women fall into the habit of trying to please everyone and this can wear us out. Plus, quite often, the things we agree to do for people aren’t even things we want to do. Instead of trying to juggle a million different things for all of the people in your life, turn around and say no every once in a while. It might not make you feel good straight away, but when you have those extra few hours of free time, you’ll feel a lot better.

Do Something For Yourself

Stemming from the last item, with the extra time you have to yourself, do something nice just for you. Go and get a massage or have your hair done or buy that dress you desperately want. Do whatever you need to feel like you’ve really treated yourself and don’t feel guilty about it. You deserve to be happy and, let’s be honest, who isn’t happy after a bit of self-indulgence.

Ask For Something

This one might seem easy but it can be a real challenge for some women. Now, I don’t mean ask for pasta at the supermarket. I mean ask for something real. Ask your boss for a pay rise or a promotion. Ask your significant other to take you out somewhere. Ask your friends to do you a favour. It might be tough and you might feel like you are inconveniencing people, but no-one ever got anywhere by taking a back seat. If you want something, go out and ask for it.

Do Something On Your Own

Having friends is really important, but your best friend in the world should be yourself. It can be hard for us girls to spend significant amounts of time alone. We feel like we should constantly be socialising and keeping up appearances. But, the truth is that if you don’t spend time with yourself, you won’t get to know and love yourself as much as you should. Travel alone, visit a museum alone, go out for a meal alone – whatever you have time for. Just make it more than simply lying in bed with your laptop.


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