Quick Easy And Healthy Breakfasts

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – everyone knows that. Yet, despite the fact that we are repeatedly told this, breakfast is skipped all too often. You might not feel it right now but this is a seriously unhealthy habit that you should break as soon as possible.

It is difficult finding the time for a healthy and nutritious breakfast. If the choice is between getting out of bed and pottering around in the kitchen for half an hour or sleeping for an extra thirty minutes, I know what most people would choose. But, sacrificing breakfast or wolfing down some sugary cereal as you run out the door will wreak havoc on your body in the long-run.

While staying in your nice warm bed might sound appealing at the time, your body will thank you if you forego those extra couple of snoozes on your alarm and fill it with something healthy. And you know what? You don’t even need to dedicate much time to making breakfast – some breakfasts are quick and easy to make but still fill you with important nutrients.

Are you ready to make the changes you need to be a better you? Here are some healthy and nutritious breakfast ideas to get you started.

Quinoa Fruit Salad

You probably never thought that quinoa could be used in a sweet dish. Well, it's time to be proven wrong. This incredible breakfast packs a lot of protein as well as vitamin C and anti-oxidants. What’s more, it’s really simple to make. On Sunday night prepare a saucepan of quinoa. Ideally you should make enough to last you about 3-4 days and it can be kept in the fridge. Then, in the morning, simply chop up some strawberries, orange, mango and banana and throw it in a bowl along with some blueberries. Next, stir in about a cup of quinoa. Finally, you can drizzle a bit of lime or natural honey on top if you need an added kick. Voila, you have an easy but incredibly wholesome breakfast.

Avocado Toast with Egg

Trust me, this recipe is easier than it sounds. Grab yourself some bread – sourdough works really well for this – and an avocado. Mash up the avocado and season it with a pinch of salt and pepper. Next, we focus on the egg. Poached eggs are great for this dish but if that is too much effort then boiled or scrambled will work too. Try and avoid frying your egg as this is higher in fat. Pop the egg on top of your avocado toast and you’re done. Enjoy your protein and healthy fats rich breakfast.

Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie

This sounds more like a dessert than a breakfast right? Well, fortunately for you, if done properly, this can be a great and healthy way to start your day. Blend up some ripe (or even overripe) bananas with soy milk, organic peanut butter, Greek yoghurt and a squirt of honey. You can even throw in a few ice cubes if you want it to stay cold for longer. Not only does it taste great but you can pour it in a bottle and take it with you to work so you can drink it once you’re there if you’re running late.