How To Get Fitness Motivated For The Summer

Everyone wants to get fit for summer. As Instagram starts to fill up with people looking drop dead gorgeous in bikinis and dresses, who doesn’t long to be part of that summer glamour? Who doesn't want to turn heads in a knock-out ensemble that shows off their toned thighs and abs? Summer is just around the corner but it isn’t too late to whip your body in shape in time for the beach.

The tricky thing about getting fit is finding the motivation to do so. It is oh-so-easy to look in the mirror and be dissatisfied with what you see. How many of us have pinpointed parts of our body that we wished were a little less jiggly? But, we don’t often formulate plans to fix the parts we dislike. So, here are some ways you can find the drive to start your summer fitness journey today.

Set Yourself Realistic Targets

Perhaps the biggest factor that puts people off losing weight and getting fit is the fact that they don’t see instant and drastic results. Unless you starve yourself or spend eight hours a day in the gym (neither of these I would recommend), you are going to need to keep at it to see results. So, if your plan is to lose weight, set yourself a realistic goal. You’ll feel great once you reach it and you’ll have a renewed motivation to keep going. Losing one pound in your first week is a good starting place – just make sure you get there!

Put Your Workout Clothes on

Sometimes simply dressing the part is all it takes to get motivated to work out. Get yourself some snazzy gear and put it on. Suddenly you’ll be a lot more eager to get out there and get fit. It’s amazing how your mentality can change just by the way you look. Treat yourself to new yoga pants or a sports bra when you feel you have achieved a target.

Get Some Good Tunes on Your iPod

Honestly, I cannot work out without music. If I run then I need something upbeat that I can run in time to (usually about 165 bpm). If I’m doing core then I need something powerful and motivational. Having the perfect workout playlist can really make a difference. Spend some time at home compiling a playlist and you’ll find that you are actually excited to use it in action.

Get a Fitness Friend

It is a lot easier to find the motivation to work out when you have someone nagging you to go with them. Find a friend who also wants to get fit and motivate each other to work out. If you find you end up competing with each other then even better. Anything that drives you to do more and go harder is a good thing. It’ll all pay off when you both look like super models next to the pool.

Find a Great Workout Routine

We have all been there. We get to the gym, run on the treadmill to warm up, and then think “err… now what?” Knowing what you are doing in the gym will motivate you to go more often. No-one likes the idea of standing awkwardly near the weights, unsure of what to do with them. Ask someone who works in the gym if they can recommend a work out, hire a personal trainer or simply google routines online.   


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