7 Things Women Need to Stop Doing Right Now

There is a never-ending list of social etiquette rules and unspoken conventions that women are expected to both know and adhere to. And, I’m sorry to say it, but this list is far, far longer than the one that men are expected to follow. There is a lot of pressure on women to behave and speak in a certain way. Where men can get away with being dominant, assertive, and cold, women cannot.

However, women are so conditioned to adapting their behaviour in public that they have now developed some detrimental habits. These habits perpetuate this ridiculous notion that women should act in a certain way and need to be eradicated. If you’re an ambitious, strong woman, here are seven habits you need to cut out of your life right now.

Beating Around the Bush

Read through that last email you wrote and pick out all the words you didn’t need to include. Phrases like “if you have time”, “just to let you know”, and “I’m sure you’re already aware, but just to remind you” are unnecessary. Studies have shown women use far more words than men for fear of coming across as bossy or rude. Next time you want something done, don’t mince your words. A simple “Hi Joe, do this” will suffice.

Living Up to Gender Roles

The most obvious example of this is women who bring homemade baked goods into work. It is a lovely gesture, but it firmly establishes your femininity and, unfortunately, that does you no favours in the workplace. It might stop people from taking your seriously and reduce the gravitas you’re hoping to build around yourself.

Bad-Mouthing Other Girls

C’mon girls, let’s have some solidarity. Bad mouthing other girls doesn’t make people stop liking them, it makes you look small and insecure. And, let’s be honest, we usually do it to make ourselves feel better anyway. Like your mother always used to say: if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

Constantly Instagramming Selfies

Whether it’s just a face photo or a full-on mirror shot, incessant selfies on Instagram only say one thing: I need attention. If you think you look really nice then once in a while you can post a selfie, but when these photos become daily occurrences, people are going to judge you. You don’t need ‘likes’ to validate yourself so keep those photos to yourself.

Not Wearing What They Want

So, you bought a killer dress but now you feel like it’s too extra and you’re nervous about wearing it. Just wear it. Don’t let what anyone else thinks or says put you off looking the way you want to look. The same goes with make-up; if you want to go completely OTT or not wear any at all, the choice is yours.

Holding Back How They Feel

If you’re catching feelings for someone or you’re devastated over something that someone else might consider to be minor, let yourself feel those emotions. For some reason, we have convinced ourselves that feelings are synonymous with weakness. We don’t tell people when we are feeling sad or hurt or angry, instead we bottle it up, which is oh-so unhealthy.

Infantilising Themselves

You are a smart, strong woman and you should NEVER make yourself seem anything less than that in front of men. Women who act dumb or put on a baby voice in front of guys do our entire gender a serious disservice. And, believe it or not, men don’t even find it attractive. It’s 2019 and a brainy, independent woman is just about the hottest thing going.