7 Things We Should Be Teaching Our Daughters

Being the parent of a daughter nowadays is a real minefield. More and more young girls are developing mental health problems or going through spates of depression and anxiety. Of course, we want to do everything we can to help our daughters shine as brightly as they can and to overcome any obstacles in their path. But, this is hard. From such an early age, young girls have certain ideas and notions hammered into their brains thanks to social media, TV, and magazines.

If you want to help your daughter become the best she can be then from day one there are certain things you should teach her. Here are seven of the most important things we can teach our daughters to help them blossom into strong, powerful feminists.

Love Yourself

This is one of the hardest but most important lessons for a young girl to learn. You need to love yourself because if you don’t, other people will find it hard to. Tell your daughter to look in the mirror every day and find something good about her appearance. Then tell them to think about the things they have done in the past week and to find something they are proud of. Help your daughter love herself inside and out.

She Doesn’t Need to Be Girly

Telling your daughter to be ladylike and buying her toys that are traditionally for girls is not going to help her. If she chooses dolls and barbies then that is up to her, but do not push these things on her. If your daughter wants to climb trees, kick footballs, and play with toy cars, let her. Teach her that she is not confined by gender roles and you will put her in good stead for the future.

Tell Her it Is Ok to Be Bossy

Young girls that speak their mind and tell people exactly what they want are often, and damagingly, referred to as bossy. Young boys, however, do not get this label. They are assertive. Let your daughter demand things but teach her to do so gracefully. Teach her to be headstrong and not to back down or to allow herself to be walked over.

Show Her That Women Are More Than Mothers

If your daughter sees both of her parents working every day she will see this as the norm. If circumstances require one parent to stay at home, try to alternate which parent stays at home. If it has to be mum, then impress on your child the importance of powerful women in the workplace and tell her that being a stay at home mum is only temporary.

Don’t Let Her Bad Mouth People

Small people talk about other people. If your daughter starts saying horrible things about people she knows, stop her straight away. Complaining about someone and insulting them are two very different things and it is important she knows the difference. Venting frustration about someone is ok, so long as it doesn’t become a personal attack.

She Is More Than Just a Body

Young girls are being swept up in a whirlwind of Instagram photos that dictate exactly how they should look. Tell your daughter it is ok not to have a big butt and tiny waist. If she is fit and healthy, that is enough. She doesn’t also have to look like Kim Kardashian. Her brain is far more important than her butt anyway.

Being Driven is Key

We need more women in top positions. Help your daughter find interests and then do everything you can to nourish that interest. Take her to museums, buy her books, watch documentaries with her. Knowledge is power and that power can turn into a drive to succeed. Lay down the foundations now so that she can reap the rewards in the future.