5 Workout Classes You Should Sign Up For

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Forcing yourself to go to the gym can be a challenge even at the best of times. But, when you have no idea what you’re supposed to be doing, it can feel like a complete waste of time and that can be highly demotivating. Workout classes are fun, social, and led by people who know what they are doing. This means you don’t spend your gym session wandering aimlessly from machine to machine or floundering around in the weights section. Instead, you are doing concentrated exercises that will work you hard in all the right places.

If you are unsure which classes are right for you, here are five you might want to consider adding to your weekly schedule.


This is a low impact, cardio dance workout. You will be kicking, clapping and side-stepping to a mixture of reggaeton and pop music and you will be having a great time – guaranteed. The beauty of zumba is you can take the class at your own pace. Give it your all for the entire hour and you will sweat like crazy. If you’re not so confident in your fitness level, take it easy at first and build up the momentum week by week.

Legs, Bums, and Tums

Unsurprisingly, this workout concentrates on your legs, butt and stomach. The exercises pinpoint these areas and should leave you seriously aching for the next day or two if you do them right. The class is usually split into 3 equal sections with a warm up and warm down either side. The better your fitness level, the more likely you are to be able to complete each set of exercises and get the full benefit of the class.


This class is perfect for those with a lower fitness level or who have problems with their joints. The water takes virtually all of the impact off your body, meaning you can move freely without fear of destroying your knees. The resistance of the water also means you are working your muscles harder than you would be in the studio. The tempo is usually fairly relaxed, so this is a good class for beginners.


HIIT stands for high intensity interval training and it is being lauded as the king of the workout class world. This exercise class can range from challenging to utterly gruelling depending on how hard you are prepared to work. The premise is that you move from exercise to exercise with very little break in between. 10-15 seconds of active recovery is all you’ll get between one minute slots of hardcore exercise. One minute might not sound like much, but it can feel like an hour when you’re doing burpees the whole time.


You’ve no doubt heard the benefits of yoga being sung from the rooftops by pretty much everyone. Believe the hype. Yoga is a fantastic workout that works on more than just your body. Yoga exercises your mind as well and that is what has made it so popular. You will focus on your breathing as you hold poses and build up your core strength, the whole while allowing your mind to declutter and remain present.


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