4 Ways to Spring Clean Your Diet

If you have just come out of hibernation after a long, cold winter, you might need a bit of a kick to get back into shape. Shaking off that residual lethargy can be a challenge – particularly if you have been indulgent over the Christmas period. But, getting healthy and sorting out your diet is not the chore it sounds like. Not only will you shed a winter pounds by giving your diet a spring clean, but you will also feel a lot better in general.

The following tips will leave you feeling more energised. The knock on effects of this often include better skin and hair as well as a more healthy complexion. Don’t believe me? Have a go and see what kind of a difference these changes to your diet make.

Clean Out Your Kitchen

The first step towards having a healthy diet is getting rid of anything that might tempt you to stray from this path. Go through your fridge and cupboards and get rid of anything high in sugar or fat. This means all the junk food has to go – chips, candy, fizzy drinks, all of it. If you’re not quite ready to go cold turkey, leave behind one small thing that you can treat yourself to very occasionally. But, make sure this treat can be eaten in small quantities and isn’t at the very bottom of the health scale.

Sort Out Your Snacks

If you know that you are the kind of person that likes to snack then make sure you cater to this. Measure out some portions of dried fruit and nuts and put them in small Tupperware containers. This way, you will easily be able to grab a snack when you’re peckish and you won’t be tempted to eat the entire bag. It will also prevent you from running to the store for junk food every time hunger strikes. Simply chow down on your pre-prepared snack box.

Plan Your Meals

The last thing you want to do after a long day of work is to come home to an empty fridge and have to try and create something out of nothing. This is when take-aways are ordered or ready meals are microwaved. On Sunday night, sit down and plan what you’re going to eat every evening of the following week. By doing this, you can get prepared before your week begins. This will save you a lot of time and stress during the week and make sure you stick to your healthy eating regime.

Cut Down Your Booze

Drinking alcohol is a big part of working life. After spending all day cooped up in the office, it is nice to let loose over a pint or two with your colleagues. Unfortunately, all that drinking can wreak havoc on your diet. Alcohol acts as a diuretic, which makes it harder to stay hydrated. It also has negative effects on your liver, which is the main detox organ in your body. You don’t have to stop drinking completely, but limiting yourself to just one drink is a great way to spring clean your diet.