4 Super Foods For Spring

Incorporating super foods into your diet is the best way of getting all the vitamins and nutrients you need to feel amazing all the time. Super foods come in all shapes and sizes and you would be surprised at what is classed as a super food. Dark chocolate, avocado and blueberries all fall in to this category, proving that super foods don’t have to taste bad or be a chore to eat. Most people would happily eat super foods all day long if only they knew the full extent of this list.

Spring is on its way in and with comes all kinds of delicious fresh produce – some of which will come under the super food category. So, grab your basket and stock up on the following super foods this spring.


Artichokes are the Queen Bees when it comes to antioxidants, far outranking dark chocolate and blueberries. These natural wonders are also packed with folic acid and fibre, which can help with indigestion and upset stomachs. Artichokes also lower cholesterol and have good levels of magnesium and potassium. Not bad, eh? To make the most of an artichoke, eat the petals as well as the heart. Artichokes sautéed with garlic is a delicious way to incorporate this super food in to your diet.


Also known as arugula, this leaf is a natural phenomenon and has a delicious spicy flavour. Rocket has an exceptionally low calorie count yet provides us with a huge range of benefits. Top of the list is the fact that it gives our immune system a healthy boost. It is also an antioxidant and has phytonutrients, which reduce inflammation. On top of all of that, rocket has been scientifically proven to fight cancer. If you’re looking for ways to eat more rocket, throw it into the next salad you make or stir it into pasta.

Fava Beans

After years in obscurity, the fava bean is finally coming back into our diet – but get it now while stocks last as fava bean season is only during spring. This incredible bean is packed with nutrients as well as being a fantastic source of protein and fibre. An interesting quality about fava beans is that they actually boost your mood. That’s right! This bean will make you feel happier. To eat the beans, cook them in boiling water for about 5 minutes and then shell them. The creamy texture of the bean makes it great for adding to stews, soup and risotto.


Remember when rhubarb crumble was the ultimate dessert as a kid? Well, now you can load up on rhubarb without the guilt thanks to solid evidence that it is a healthy super food. Nothing says spring quite like the produce aisle of the super market brimming with rhubarb. With very few calories and lots of fibre, calcium and vitamin C, there is nothing not to love about this traditional pie filler fruit. Take note that raw rhubarb is incredibly tart and not particularly pleasant and the leaves of the fruit are poisonous. To make the most of your rhubarb, cut the stalks off and boil them down with a small amount of sugar.