3 Healthy Dinners That Are Easy To Make

Working full time can wreak havoc on your diet. Try as we might, there’s no denying the allure of something easy and unhealthy when we come home in the evening after 8+ hours in the office. But, the combination of a sedentary job and bad food in the evenings makes for a very unhealthy lifestyle.

So, what can we do to break this cycle and make ourselves feel healthier – and by virtue of this, happier? The answer can be found in these simple but healthy dinners that even the most amateur chef can rustle up in less than half an hour. These meals can be pulled together after work without much effort or prepared in the morning and taken to work for lunch so you don’t need to run out to buy a ready made sandwich.

Taking the time to give your body healthy fuel really pays off in the long run so why not start today and watch how quickly you start to feel like a pinnacle of health.

Pomegranate Chicken with Almond Couscous

Despite sounding incredibly fancy, this dish is really easy to make. Start by putting some couscous, seasoning and half a stock cube into a bowl along with some boiling water. Cover the bowl with a tea towel and then put this to one side. Meanwhile, fry some onions in a pan and once they are soft add the chicken and cook it until it is done all the way through. Finally, chuck in some tagine paste, pomegranate juice and the rest of the stock cube. Let the chicken simmer for a few minutes and then serve it with the couscous, which should be fully cooked and ready to go.

Steak and Broccoli Protein Pot

This delightful dish is packed full of protein, just as the name suggests, and is super easy to make. The base of the dish is delicious brown rice. Those of you who haven’t already tried brown rice are in for a treat. It has a wholesome nutty taste and it is a lot healthier than white rice. Cook the brown rice in a pan with water and a stock cube – this will take about 40 minutes. Meanwhile, boil some broccoli in a sauce pan until it is a bit soft but still has some crunch. Once the rice is done, let it sit for five minutes while you pan fry the steak with some spring onions. Throw it all together with sushi ginger and soy sauce and enjoy!

Tuna Lettuce Wraps

Anyone looking for a low-carb meal for the evening should pay attention now. These lettuce wraps are not only delicious, but they won’t affect your waistline in the slightest. The only thing you need to cook for this meal is the tuna. Pan fry the fish for one minute on each side so that the tuna is seared but pink in the middle. Then cut it into slices and put to one side. Next, mash up avocado, mustard powder and vinegar in a bowl until it has a smooth consistency. Finally stir in some capers. To serve, lay out a cos lettuce leaf, pour some avocado mixture onto it and top it with tuna strips and tomatoes. Delicious.